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Nagel Special Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Great beginnings deserve the perfect finish

Nagel Special Machines was established in 1992 is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC machines for automotive sector. The Company has a technical collaboration with Nagel, Germany a leading specialist in the field of honing and super finishing technology.

We provide customers total solution for high quality, enhanced productivity and process reliability in the field of honing and superfinishing.

Product Range:
  • Precision Vertical & Horizontal honing machines
  • Transfer line honing machines
  • Tube honing machines

Nagel Special Machines has supplied machines for honing of cylinder blocks, connecting rod, gears, and fuel injection components. Nominal working range is from bore diameters 4 mm to 350 mm.

Horizontal honing machine is designed with automatic stroke device for meeting shop floor requirements for small bore diameters.

Transfer line honing machines are designed for high volume production through multi-spindle, in process / post process measuring systems including oil drain measuring and marking stations.

For large size components, we offer a heavy duty honing machine with fixturing and tooling in order to achieve high stock removal rates in short time.

  • Precision Deep hole drilling machines
  • Deep hole boring & BTA drilling machines

These machines are widely used by customers in automotive, defense, medical and general engineering industries.

Applications: Connecting rods, Cylinder blocks, Cylinder heads, Gear shafts, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Injection Systems, Die & Mould, Poultry feed dies, Medical Instruments.

Nominal working range includes diameters from 2mm to 200 mm and length up to 12 meters.

  • Superfinishing machines & Attachments

Superfinishing machines are used for finishing of machined components where surface finish is required. Our machines use both stone and tape technologies.

Applications: Engine, Gear, Chassis, Hydraulic / Pneumatic, Antifriction Bearing, Ceramic Parts.

  • Honing tools & abrasives

We provide tool management facilities where we supply and maintain honing tools. We offer a large selection of diamonds, stones and deep hole drills.